Trigger Point Therapy Program

How Do Trigger Points Form?


Pain Cycle


Janet Travell MD first noted that patients who complained of pain rarely received muscular examinations.   Starting empirically, she localized taut bands and trigger points: areas of contracted muscles cells within larger muscles.


Muscle overload due to physical or emotional stress causes temporary low blood flow to an area of muscle, and an increased need for blood (oxygen/ glucose) - thereby causing a localized "energy crisis" for an area of muscle.


When this happens, there is not enough energy for the cells to stop the contractiomechanism. This results in spasm and/or TPs.


Placing a needle and liquid into the TP stops shortening, removes fibrous tissue, and restores microcirculation.   Thus, Trigger Point Therapy has a therapeutic and preventative role.

Contracted Muscles

Physical and emotional stress can cause trigger points

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