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Since the 1960s, Trigger Point Therapy has provided superlative muscular pain relief to patients with various conditions.  Muscle spasms, sprains/strains and myofascial pain syndromes clearly respond excellently to this well-tolerated technique.


Additionally, those with compression phenomena, such as radiculopathy, sustain nerve root irritation which spurs prolonged muscle contraction.  Deactivation of spasm/trigger point is possible. The key lies in the twitch reflex and the improved microcirculation that injection elicits.  This therapy works synergistically with chiropractic:  you'll attain a greater degree of correction at each adjustment.  Also, this technique enhances greatly any manual therapies.


Over the years, dozens of providers have learned:  Trigger Point Therapy is safe, effective and well tolerated.  Our empathetic practitioners are highly technically skilled and sensitive to individual needs.


Back Pain

Trigger Point Therapy can work together with chiropractics to relieve pain.

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