Trigger Point Therapy Program


Why Inject?


Shoulder Pain


Trigger Point Therapy, by stopping the cycle that shortens muscles, improves ROM decreases pain, and helps when the muscles cannot be stretched. You’ll attain a greater degree of joint motion after adjustment, and notice that your patients sustain the benefits of the adjustment longer.


Not only for those with acute spasm: fibromyalgia and myofascial pain patients, who sometimes have trouble tolerating manual methods, respond excellently to Trigger Point Therapy. Also, when combined with techniques to address the neurologic (over) stimulation involved with chronic pain, we’ve had tremendous success aborting and preventing migraine and tension headaches.


The results you and your patients can expect to see over the weeks are dramatic. Even those with other underlying conditions may be treated, as a muscular component is often part of a patient’s overall pain pattern. You’ve felt the knots, now you can provide your patients with an additional option to help alleviate pain.


Headaches and Migranes

Trigger Point Therapy can help prevent migraine and tension headaches

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