Trigger Point Therapy Program

As a chiropractor it has become increasingly important to maintain and retain “your” patients. As patients look for more holistic and natural methods to deal with illness, pain and discomfort, your ability to guide and help them will be a critical component to your long-term success and their health.

The Trigger Point Therapy Program is an ideal way for a chiropractor to offer their patients a value-added service within house, which offers true pain relief and works best in conjunction with chiropractic care.  

The following pages explain what Trigger Point Therapy is and how it helps patients break their cycle of pain. 


The benefits to this program are many and include:

  1. Your patients receive a value-added service, thus helping to increase the value per visit at your office.
  2. No need to send patients out of your office and out of your control.
  3. No additional billing, office expense to start the program in your office.
  4. Patients generally begin to feel better after one visit, so results are almost immediate.
  5. Many patients tend to be so happy with the treatment and the results that they often refer friends, family, co-workers, thus potentially increasing patient flow to your office.

Pain Management/Values Added

  Increases pain relief

  Improves mobility/degree of


  Synergizes manual therapies

  Prevents migraine headache

  Increases patient satisfaction

  Improves refractory patients

  Highly skilled, gentle providers

  Providers available in evenings

  Minimal imposition on your staff

  Our staff provides patient follow up

  Minimally invasive techniques used

  Steroids never used

  Homeopathic injectables available


If you would like more information about the Trigger Point Program please contact Liz at: (516) 376-7633  or

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